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For my second year at the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program at UW, I worked at the Education Center in the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA with the project of creating a zine on Decolonizing Environmental Education. I created this zine as a tool for myself and for anyone else in the environmental field to start a conversation about changing how we think about and execute environmental educational spaces. While this was made with environmental educators in in mind, we all have a responsibility to teach each other about the land and its indigenous peoples. This zine is made for anyone and everyone to aid in their journey to decolonize environmental education.

(Turtle icon by Zackary Cloe from the Noun Project)



A list of all of the resources I included in the zine.

Coming Soon

I am continuously learning about Decolonizing Environmental Education. Read more for a compilation of more resources on Decolonizing Environmental Education. It is both a compilation of many resources that I could not include in the zine and a working list of resources that I will continue to find on my journey.

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